Masterful Medical Business Development

Bern Paraiso is a trusted partner, producer and ally for specialists providing consultation and management expertise to Florida’s medical practices for decades.

Great Doctors Don’t Do It Alone.

Every practitioner needs a partner. Let us help you be the best at what you do.    

Patient satisfaction, office management, government compliance, business development-Bern and her team can help you build your business into your dreams with old-school rules applied with modern tools. 

Make Your Practice Exceptional.

Work smart, from the start.  Take advantage of our knowledge base, exclusive resources, and great ideas.

Leading Full-Service Marketing, Research & Business Development Pro

From breaking new ground to working gracefully into retirement-Build your business with first-class marketing productivity and exclusive multimedia opportunities for partners, clients and associates.

Improve your business plan.

As an experienced medical office manager and seasoned investor, I understand the challenges physicians face in this 21st century medical world and the needs of patients.  That’s why patient satisfaction is the bar by which we measure success and how we build a better medical community.

Bern Paraiso

Medical Business Consultant, President/CEO, GFA, Inc.

Our Medical Doctors, Our Medical Dialogue

Amazingly Affordable Web Development You Control

Ocala's preeminent medical marketing firm has launched a new Web Development platform exclusively for new clients. Bern Paraiso, President and CEO of GFA, Inc. has been providing medical business consultation, marketing and office management for over 20...

We Need More Hugs

Our doctors are always happy to see patients, but here are some tips on keeping illness at bay, and the need for a doctor away. HUGGING!  Hugging stimulates the release of oxytocin and immune function.  Additionally, in a 2010 study from Ohio State University found...

Ocala Families Best Served with Family Care Strategies

Are you a family with more than one primary care physician from generation to generation?  Well then, you might want to look at identifying a family doctor everyone can share says Dr. Patel of Ocala Family Care, P.A. “Finding and keeping a good primary care physician...

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