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Get More for Your Marketing Dollars with GFA, Inc.

We live in an over-communicated environment.  That is why a simplified message is important.

The medical marketplace is highly competitive.  If your brand messaging hasn’t reached its potential then it is time to re-position your identity.  Re-positioning to the identity of your competitors is elemental to elevating your brand recognition.  Whether it requires changing your identity or distinguishing existing branding from the competition, GFA can develop a marketing solution that moves your positioning toward the top of your target market.

Our challenge is to relate your business with what the consumer already knows.  GFA creates an image and identity for your practice that people can believe in.  From the creative aspect of your brand to its placement, we move your message forward into the marketplace or re-position your existing brand.

Web-based Advertising

Skyrocketing to prominence in just a few short years, online advertising is one of the most recognized and most effective forms of marketing.  Our technical gurus can help you with search based marketing campaigns through major online media search engines.  Our networking partners can link you to thousands of websites through premium ads and local marketing provided through Google, Yahoo, MSN and private AND social media networks.

Radio Advertising

Radio is everywhere.  It is an excellent vehicle for delivery  to a large number of prospects, that can easily be demographically focused. Radio reach averages 69.8% of persons age 12 and older on any given day.  Furthermore,  23.2% of adults have initiated an online search based on hearing something on Radio; 32.1% of Radio listeners over all, the Radio Advertising Bureau reports.

Commercial Video Production

GFA Commercial video production is the latest addition to our marketing portfolio offer.  Commercial video production is growing in attraction with the adoption of online video channels and highly developed Web platforms.  Video production provides and audio-video experience that can resonate with viewers/listeners and be shared time and time again online or used for regular television/cable broadcast.  Video also provides a lasting way for you to impact the audience and massive appeal for a variety of venue-based marketing events.

Banners/Outdoor Media 

You and your patient prospects are mobile-make your branding mobile too.  Billboards, signage and vehicle advertising are great ways to keep your branding in front of eyes.   Outdoor media may be a more passive element, when designed correctly, it can provide a lasting source for outreach and brand recognition

And More… Have Special Needs?  Just Ask!  Our creative team can help you to build out your space in the marketplace with a slew of resources designed for the medical specialist serving central Florida.