Multi-media Enhancements

Web Development

We know what physicians want and need.  Now we have delivered.  Create a simple business site or a virtual office that makes you accessible to your patients and prospects by engaging the community online.  General information, patient forms, surveys, publications, and interactive tools enrich your business and patient relations.  We create the most functional, user-friendly platforms that enable you and your staff to stay connected and up-to-date.  Our clients have the benefit of membership to GFA, Inc.’s Florida Medical Marketing network, enjoying tremendous cost-saving benefits for marketing exclusively with us.


Share your news and your knowledge with patients and the public with a digital version of direct mail.  A regular newsletter keeps your practice top of mind when you deliver unique and informative news stories provided with GFA.   Newsletters enable you to share vast amounts of data, distributed at the push of a button to a highly cultivated email list.Show the public what you know and what you do, spotlight your staff’s efforts in the community, inform the world of the latest news in your field and share your patent’s success stories.

Direct Mail

“The death of ‘snail mail’ marketing is highly exaggerated.” (Marketing Sherpa)  While social media and Web networking is showered with attention, direct mail is still a substantial source for new business and a cost-effective marketing strategy.  Typically, the heavier the mail, the more likely it will be read and shared.  Our direct mail lists are cultivated specifically to your target market and crafted to set you apart.  We create a direct mail campaign that fits your overall marketing strategy and delivers quantified results.  Case studies conducted by marketing research groups  demonstrate direct mail is overwhelmingly effective.

Brochures & Patient’s Information

Are your brochures up-to-date and interesting?  Brochures are mobile, in-depth ways to reach out to your patients and find new ones.  With a well-crafted brochure, you can put your practice in the hands of individuals where ever you are and where you would like to be.  GFA will help build professional and appealing brochures and patient’s literature that will grasp attention of readers in your office and in the field of commerce where your brand is positioned.

Radio Advertising

Radio is everywhere.  It is an excellent vehicle for delivery  to a large number of prospects, that can easily be demographically focused. Radio reach averages 69.8% of persons age 12 and older on any given day.  Furthermore,  23.2% of adults have initiated an online search based on hearing something on Radio; 32.1% of Radio listeners over all, the Radio Advertising Bureau reports.

Commercial Video Production

GFA Commercial video production is the latest addition to our marketing portfolio offer.  Commercial video production is growing in attraction with the adoption of online video channels and highly developed Web platforms.  Video production provides and audio-video experience that can resonate with viewers/listeners and be shared time and time again online or used for regular television/cable broadcast.  Video also provides a lasting way for you to impact the audience and massive appeal for a variety of venue-based marketing events.

Banners/Outdoor Media

You and your patient prospects are mobile-make your branding mobile too.  Billboards, signage and vehicle advertising are great ways to keep your branding in front of eyes.   Outdoor media may be a more passive element, when designed correctly, it can provide a lasting source for outreach and brand recognition.