Referral Development

The ultimate goal of our marketing strategy is greater referral development.  GFA has variety of options that together or alone can elicit serious results.  The significance of sound networking and events can not be overstated.  Every avenue should be pursued at various stages of your business.  We implement a comprehensive referral development strategy that involves every aspect of our marketing techniques and presentation opportunities.  Follows is a list of referral development programs we provide to our clients from design to implementation:

Patient Referral Programs

The “Word of Mouth” from your patients is one of the single most powerful testimonials employed to build your business.  GFA can enhance your patient relationships to encourage greater support from those who know you and stand by your work.

Referral Physician Relatioins

Your peers are your publicity.  As a medical specialist, you can be in the pipeline of physician referrals from surrounding offices.  Let us help you work with other practices to advance your own through our networked physician referral programs.

Business to Business Development

Doctors and care givers are not the only source of business referrals.   Companies large and small are making health care a priority and look for the opportunity to expand their value propositions to employees and partners.  GFA finds creative ways to bring your knowledge to bear for companies looking for specialist referrals.


Special event planning is your chance to build relationships and share your specialty.  GFA can help you be apart of existing special events or create one specifically for you.  Whether you operate a small practice or a large one, special events can spark a new interest and engage a great number of future prospects and positioning opportunities.