Ocala’s preeminent medical marketing firm has launched a new Web Development platform exclusively for new clients.

Bern Paraiso, President and CEO of GFA, Inc. has been providing medical business consultation, marketing and office management for over 20 years to central Florida’s top physicians.   “Over the years, multimedia development has taken center stage.  Typically this comes at a tremendous cost to medical offices ranging anywhere from 2000 to 5000 dollars for web builds.  We do much better than that for our clients and give them more of what they need for their money.”

“The main issue is domain management.”  Many businesses fall prey to technical practices where Web builders register and maintain control and even ownership of a corporate domain.  We recommend our clients own and manage their own domain so that if for any reason, they don’t like their service provider, they can build their trade name up on another server.

Floridamedicalmarketing.com is a landing portal where doctors can get a handle on their Web presence, get it built for a small investment and launch when they are ready.  All Floridamedicalmarketing.com websites are mobile, secure and include search engine optimization tools.